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Kangyur (Dege edition)

      Kangyur in Tibetan Buddhism - translation of the Sanskrit version of the Canon or the words of the Buddha.
 Currently, you can find some of the canonical collections, which differ not only in the number of volumes, but also included to the texts.
 Here make work on the translation of the word Buddha from the Dege Kangyur edition.
   It has the following structure:

- Vinay
- Prajna Paramita,
- Paritta
- Avatamsaka
- Ratnakuta
- Sutra
- Tantra
     Annutarayoga Tantra
     Yoga Tantra
     Charya Tantra
     Kriya Tantra
- Tantra old translations (Nyingma)
- Spell-dharani
- Comment on the Kalachakra Tantra