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      The site began to work for astrological forecasts, compiled with the help of developed software on Tibetan astrology. Now do calculations of the following events are included: the location of the brownie; door installation; 8 yogini; six days for traveling. A few more astro forecasts are being prepared, which will be available in the coming days. Data on the page is laid out in accordance with the dates of the Gregorian calendar (for convenience of work). Depending on where the requests came from, the materials are presented in two languages: Russian and English. To include your city in the list of calculations - write to the site administrator. Data, if possible, will be prepared and added.

    All calculations were performed on the basis of works on Tibetan astrology, which includes the Jade Box, Mirror of Being, Calculations of Dretsi, works of Mahapandita in astrology, White Beryl.

Available cities:

- in Russian: Moscow, Kiev, Kazan, Yakutsk, Gelendzhik, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Brest, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk.

- in English: Thimphu, Budapest.

Available forecasts: Place of the home ghost, Set of the home door, 8 yogini (path of dakini eating), 6 days of departure to path, Fruits of the lunar days, Fruit of washing head, Kalaratri

      On all questions - write to the site administrator (contacts).

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Khakhyab Dorje

Instructions on the important keys
the Great Seal of absolute meaning (Mahamudra)

A vision of naked awareness

    Teacher Vajradhara!
    I bow to the King of the All-Wing, glorious teacher Vajradhara, which demonstrates the original wisdom of one's own awareness-knowledge!
    Bowing, I will explain the oral instructions on the Great Seal.
    Since this higher king of people, the Victorious, showed the state of perfect liberation, the gates of the Teaching are acceptable to the mind, which is (characterized by a certain) faith, level and abilities, are shown as manifestations of an unthinkable chariot. Wishing (practicing) the practice and instruction of the Great Seal of the absolute meaning, it is necessary to carry out preliminary, basic and final (teachings).

    Preliminary (part). Teachings going before. Freedom and gain can be difficult and easy to destroy. The cause and the fruit are unmistakable. Understanding all the states of cyclic existence as suffering, turn away from attachment (towards them). Through a strong renunciation of the binding of the mind with the Holy Teaching. A refuge that truly liberates from being, there are three Higher, which dissolve in the Three Roots. A vow does not throw away anything because of (one's own) life, is born from the heart with faith and your understanding! Realizing the existence of a cyclic existence, meditate constantly on three kinds of enlightened mood, directing inexhaustible love for living beings-parents. While clarifying the inherent wisdom, (carry out) the ritual of repentance-regret about veils, pernicious and obstacles. (Use) friendly, which gives rise to a deep essence in the flow (mind). Be strong in methods that accumulate spiritual merit.