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    Different countries and cultural traditions have their own methods for predicting the future and studying life. Astrology can be attributed to one of these traditions. Although it is considered a pseudoscience or fantasy, but on its basis it is possible to deduce some regularities in the life of a person, a place. countries and the world. Despite the seeming nebula in the predictions, astrology uses patterns that have been observed for centuries in living and inanimate nature. And on the basis of the found patterns, various "laws" and methods for determining the fruits of actions, the emergence of trouble, etc. were lined up.
    Tibet was no exception in this regard. However, the peculiarities of this region are that directions from different types of astrology, brought from India and China, merged there. In this section, you can see brief descriptions of various types of astrology used in Tibet, see astrological forecasts for the year, month and day (including the day of the week, and maybe the division of the day), see the translations.
    By clicking on the links below, you can see current calendars, astro forecasts, horoscopes and recommendations. About all the inaccuracies found probyba write admin. All contacts can be found in the header of the site.


     Currently, when creating a calendar, a limited number of descriptions and forecasts are used. Also, the number of cities is relatively small (in places with different geographical coordinates, the data is different).
     You can contribute to the development of the calendar by telling the administrator (or group) what to add, from your point of view.
     Data is automatically generated for the current and next years.

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