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Support projects  

Please consider supporting our efforts.

Шаблоны Joomla 3 здесь: http://www.joomla3x.ru/joomla3-templates.html

Details and cost of the work

Payment details

There are few easy payment methods that used when working with the site.

(1) Paypal

Purse associated with e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The cost of work

(1) performance of rituals

Donations if desired.

(2) Translation Services

The cost of translation of one page printing - 250 dollars of USA. Select the text, leave a request. The administrator views the possibility of work. After that, in the case of consent to transfer or find a translator that they will be made the payment and the work begins. The processed text will then be posted in the store or Library.

If the text for personal use, the cost increases three times.

If the text is for free distribution, the cost is doubled.

(3) Cataloging text collections

The cost of processing a volume meeting a catalog, such as directory Dege Kangyur edition is 1000 dollars of USA. In order for the project to be launched, you must choose one of the directories, the data on which you want to see on the network. Conduct a full or partial payment and notify the administrator