Since its inception, the site has been filled with materials that various translators have translated together or separately. Thanks to their efforts (sometimes without any support, on enthusiasm, sometimes with support) - texts of different directions appeared on the site, which can be found in catalogs or libraries. Thus, the total number of texts for this campaign exceeded several hundred. And not all translated texts fall on the site. Often this, as a condition, is negotiated by people who ask for a translation of a text. There have also been cases where the author or translator sent his work for publication and free distribution, which is also worthy of respect.

    Translators who at one time or another participated in the project:
- Tamara Ilyukhina (sent her books)
- Artyom Taranenko (translations from English, divination, site administrator)
- Sergey Hos (contributed in translating some dharani)
- Oleg Filippov (site administrator, translations from Tibetan, rituals)
    To communicate with one or another translator, from those indicated here, you can go to the contact form and unsubscribe to the site administrator. Further data will be transferred to translators.