Translation of Tibetan Buddhism texts into English and Russian

     Tibetan Buddhism is one of the traditional and widespread religions in the world. For various reasons, many texts in the Tibetan language remain a mystery to most people, hiding the depth of knowledge of the world and themselves. The project , which is currently operating on the site,  provides access to translated texts on different lines of Tibetan Buddhism, including canonical publications. The site is not a commercial project and works on the basis of personal initiative of translators, as well as on the basis of support of those who invest their efforts, money, time. Thanks to us, it is possible to preserve the centuries-old layer of history and heritage of Tibetan Buddhism for future generations. More than 400 texts have now been translated into Russian and are planned to be translated into English and other languages.

     If you have the opportunity to donate a small amount for the development of the project, your help will be greatly appreciated

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