Yangti Nagpo or Black Quintessence

The site began work on the translation of a collection of texts known as Yangti Nagpo or Black Quintessence (author - Tungtso Repa). Work on the texts will be carried out in stages. There are more than ten texts of different sizes in the collection. If possible, please support the project so that the work can be carried out in a short time. A list of texts indicating the volume of texts can be seen in the table below.

Link to texts: link

Number Name Text size Cost
1 The story of the sole Golden syllable Finished
2 The heart of Tantra «the sole Golden syllable» Finished
3 The essential activity of the peaceful and wrathful [deities] 11 pecha 500 $
4 The great vase expowerment dedication 33 pecha 1500 $
5 The most secret the Supreme expowerment that is hidden separately. The most profound instructions 8 pecha 400 $
6 Oral transmission, the preliminary practices from the explanations 6,5 pecha 300 $
7 The first of the three scrolls 3 pecha 100 $
8 Middle scroll 2 pecha 100 $
9 Last scroll 2 pecha 100 $
10 Oral transmission. The jewel of wish fulfillment 11.5 pecha 550 $
11 Secret records of the study of signs 4.5 pecha 250 $
12 Prayer line of transmission of teachers of «the only Golden syllable» 4 pecha 200 $
13 Preparations for activity from the essence of «the only Golden syllable». Melody original wisdom that frees the hearing 24 pecha 1200 $
14 An addition to the empowerment of a «single Golden syllable». Manual, easy to execute 17.5 pecha 850 $
15 Higher empowerment. Explanation of the essence that hidden separately. The explanation of the essence of the symbol 20.5 pecha 1000 $
16 A brief practical guide to «the only Golden syllable». Entering the path of clear light 105.5 pecha 5275 $



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