Terms of work with the dictionary

    Despite the fact that the site contains several dictionaries, the rules of work for them are the same. And then they will be spelled out in general.
    When working with dictionaries, you should consider that an advanced search is used. At the same time, it is possible to set one or several search rules in order to find the necessary term or translation. It should be borne in mind that the screen will display no more than ten entries.
    So. To start working with the dictionary, click on the advanced search link. In the window that appears, there are three main fields that can be used to describe the search criteria. These are: field, condition, value. In the field, select the field in which the search will be performed (for example, select a term). The condition indicates the search criteria. In terms of there are several different types of criteria. That is, you can register - the location of the search term (at the beginning, it is contained in the search field, etc.), select a full match, etc. After that, enter the search term in the value field. If clarification is required, you can click the add link and then fill in one or more add-ons to reduce the number of entries on the screen.
    To search, click on the button - apply. If filters are not needed for the search, you can reset them completely and select the ones you need.
    The rules for searching terms using Sanskrit will be published soon along with the correspondence table.



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