8. Moral discipline. The highest text

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8. Moral discipline. The highest text

     Sanskrit: vinaya-uttara-grantha   
     Tib.: 'dul ba gzhung dam pa
     The text refers to the section wine or moral discipline of the Tibetan canon (Kangyur or Ganjur). The text consists of sixty-five sections. Presumably, there were several texts with a similar name in India, but differing in the number of strofs. But in Tibetan, the size of the text is three thousand strofs, taken from incomplete text into twelve sections, and fifteen thousand nine hundred strofs. But because there are only fifty-three sections in Tibetan, it contains nineteen thousand five hundred strofs. That is, the full text can be considered to consist of two - 'dul ba gzhung dam pa and 'dul ba gzhung bla ma. This text was compiled at Samier Monastery during the Jangchhub Senge. Dharma-Senge of Olga Temple was also invited to work on its correction, which corrected four sections. He also drew up some examples. Also included there were many texts stored in other temples, etc. The location: na 92b1 - pa 313a5.


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