681. Dharani-mantra of the blessed Amitabha

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Dharani-mantra of the blessed Amitabha

    I bow before the Blessed one, the Tathagata, the Arhat, the truly perfect Enlightened Amitabha!

    tadyathā amite amitotbhāve amitasaṁbhave amita vikrānta kāre amita gagana kīrtikare sarva kleśa yaṁkari svāhā

    These are the qualities of this Dharani. If this is repeated three times, even the veil of deeds that has been accumulated over a hundred thousand epochs will disappear. If you repeat it twenty-one times, even the four root falls will be cleared and you will establish the root of virtue for a thousand enlightened people. So exercise the remembrance of the Blessed Amitabha.

    I bow to all the Enlightened and Bodhisattvas!

    namo ratna trayā ya mahī duhike svāhā

    It is permissible to read twenty-one times when there are diseases or when you are in a house with diseases. If you protect yourself with this protection, there will be no diseases. Immediately after the mantra-dharani was pronounced, the entire environment rejoiced and praised what the blessed One had said.
     Thus ends the Dharani of the blessed Amitabha.

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