870. Dharani «the Heart of Vairochana»

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Dharani «the Heart of Vairochana»

     I bow to the Three Jewels! I bow before the Tathagata, the Arhat, the truly perfect Enlightened, the noble Vairochana, the king of Light! I bow before the bodhisattva-mahasattva Akashagarbha!

     tadyathā kala kala kili kili viri viri huru huru vairocana rasmi sañco dite āgaccha ārya ākāśagarbha mahā kāruṇikā pūraya haśan dharaya buddhe viścayana cara cara ciri ciri svāhā

   Implement with understanding and there will be no harm from weapons, fire, water, poisons, poison manufacturers, poisonings. Kings, thieves, And others will have no opportunity [for harm]. Write on something and put it down, then there will be no epidemic diseases, such as diseases of the head. You will also find a deep concentration called Uncontaminated light.

     Thus ends the noble [teaching], the Dharani called "Heart of Vairochana".