872 A Noble [Teaching]. Dharani of Jinaguru

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A Noble [Teaching]. Dharani of Jinaguru

    I bow to all the Enlightened and Bodhisattvas!
    Then bodhisattva-mahasattva Jinaguru said to the Blessed one:
    Blessed one! Anyone who remembers this is the base mantra spells to Jinaguru will be stored and will be associated with all exercises, will leave the eight non-freedoms. Will be protected by the Yaksha in all lives, protected and protected. there will be no fear of all diseases in the implementation of it.

    syādaya thedaṁ buddhe buddhe jayottara bodhani bodhani saṁbodhani mahā saṁbodhani adhisambodhani hala hala hala hili hili hili hulu hulu hulu sarva buddha dharma avabodhini spuṭa spuṭa spuṭani sarva vāpani buddha adhiṣṭhānina svāhā

    So concludes the Dharani of the noble Jinaguru.



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