874. Dharani of Vairochana

Library - Canonical work - Kangyur (bka' ' gyur) - Dharani

    I bow to the Three Jewels! I bow before the Tathagata, the Arhat, the truly perfect Enlightened Vairochana! I bow to the bodhisattva-mahasattva, the noble Akashagarbha, who has great love!

    tadyathā vajra mabu vajra mabu buddha je vajra mabu buddha je śūnyatā praveśe vairocana gandhe pañcendriya avabodhane svāhā

    If you repeat this ritual constantly, you will gain a level Of perfection of Wisdom, there will be no harm from all the demons, enemies and harmful forces. At the time of death, you will see the noble Amitabha, you will see all the Tathagatas and all the Bodhisattvas. You will be born in accordance with the prayers of benevolence.



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