875. A Noble [Teaching]. Dharani of Padmanetra

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Dharani of Padmanetra

    I bow before the Three Jewels! Bow to the Tathagata, the Arhat, the truly perfect Enlightened Padmanetra! I bow to bodhisattva-mahasattvas of Sarvanivarana-vishkambi!

    tadyathā oṁ tara tara tiri tiri turu turu kala kala kili kili kulu kulu bhara bhara bhiri bhiri bhuru bhuru bhaya bhaya kuru kuru sarva karma āvaraṇa janimeśa prabhaya svāhā jvalani vidhanivi svāhā kuru pañcali svāhā sāgara saṁvire svāhā sarva tathāgatā adhiṣṭhite svāhā

    This is the ritual of this Dharani. If within twenty-one days you say one hundred and eight times, when you get up in the morning will disappear and all the veils of the acts, five eyes will be completely clean, will not have what is not important, the body does not appear the disease, will not have the error in mind and also five eyes will be completely clean. Similarly, you will also find the five pure aspects of the mind, and you will meet the appearance of the enlightened one in all your lives. As long as you do not remain in the heart of enlightenment, you will see the Enlightened One, listen to the Teachings, serve the Good Assembly-Sangha with reverence, you will realize the maturation of all living beings, and you will not move away from it. The body will become beautiful, the mind will be clear.
    So concludes the Dharani of Enlightened Padmanetra.




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