Meditation Of The Great Seal, Mahamudra

     Those who appear in the lineage of Karmapas, the highest Victorious, the highest of Teachers! With faith I bow before You three gates (body, speech and mind)! The great text for reciting the Teachings before the king should be proclaimed to all who show a special aspiration towards the essence of the Victorious family!

     So the "Great Seal, Mahamudra" is the proper nature of cyclic existence and Nirvana, being the unity of manifestation and emptiness. "The difference between cyclic existence and Nirvana is only in (the presence of) error (dual perception) and liberation."
     Since it is said so, when there is a delusion - (appears) cyclical existence. If you purify it, Nirvana will be revealed. This misconception is "fabrications". Thus: "Cyclical existence is only an invention. And if there are no mental constructions, then there is Nirvana."
     So cyclical existence as it is is the Great Seal of the Foundation.

     Meditation for the renunciation of cyclic existence is the Great Seal of the path. The attainment of the state of Enlightenment when cyclic existence is dropped is the Great Seal of the fruit.
     As for the method of meditation and the path (which is explained) based on this, there are three points: the view that should be understood; the meditation that corresponds to the view; the behavior that strengthens the meditation.

     The first (view).
     All dharmas are, by their nature, manifestations of their own mind. They do not exist anywhere outside the mind, like dreams during sleep.. Saint Naropa spoke about this: "All Dharma-particle has a mind of its own. What is perceived as external objects is a deluded mind. But like a dream, they are essentially empty."
     When you look into this mind, the past day and the current day are not the same. And what was recently is not the same as what is now. But all dharmo-particles are empty and impermanent, changing from moment to moment throughout the day. In Tantra it is said: "One's own mind is inherently unborn and empty in its characteristics."
     Also, being empty, it is not nonexistent, because the manifestation of day and night occurs incessantly. If you die, then there are visions of an intermediate state and visions of future birth. These manifestations cannot be stopped. It is the same as the reflection of the moon in water, even if it is empty in essence. In Tantra it is said: "Everything is neither true nor false. The yogi should know his desires as similar to the moon on the surface of water."
     If we understand this nature of the view as not a false fiction, it is called "self-liberation".
     After all, after you see a multi-colored rope like a snake, you will be afraid. Later, when you see the rope, (it turns out that there is no) snake that must be eliminated. (Also) there is no pre-existing rope to bring in. The only thing to bring in is that the rope is a "rope".
     The victorious Maitreya spoke: "There is nothing worth adding here. And there is nothing worth deleting. Look at the right (state of Affairs) in the right way. And if you see the highest reality, you will be completely free."

     Point two. The practice of meditation is a meditative immersion.
     You should generate the mood as follows: "All living things are my parents. Previously, considering them enemies, he caused them harm and suffering. The maturation of these acts is like a hook that is caught on a column. So I also wander in a cyclical existence and misery. Having turned away from it, from this moment on I will perform good (acts) towards others. Others will also do good to me. In this way, the good of me and others will be realized and I will attain the state of Enlightenment."
     Meditate on the Teacher above your head. As for the body, it should remain in solitude, having discarded everything that is not related to holding the proper position. As for speech, perform prayers to the teacher and keep your speech private (i.e. be silent), let the wind remain in its natural state.
     Further, as far as the mind is concerned, it should not follow the memory of the past. You should not think "I did this before" or "it turned out this way". Don't strive for what comes after. Do not think "after it will be like this" or "I will do the next". Do not concentrate on the present, I.e. do not think "Yes", "no", "exists", "does not exist" , etc. Keep the mind aloof in nature without clinging to the manifestations of the six assemblies of the senses. Stay, diligently using these three memories over and over again.
     Lord Marpa said: "The heart essence of the highest Chariot is that the mind does not form anything and is free from extremes. This is the introduction to the Teachings of the great Seal. And this manifestation of objects that are perceived as external, manifests itself as an unceasing flow in the great space. Consciousness, the inner perceiving mind, comprehend as the unborn body of the Teaching."
     Tilopa said: "If you find something that cannot be found by staying in nature outside of meditation, you will find the Great Seal."

     The third point is behavior after meditation.
     Said: "Relate to the behavior that is present and absent in Tantra. After all, if the behavior does not correspond to the Teaching, then there will only be empty and gratuitous conversations about the implementation of the view and meditation. It is also a true sign of contemplation and meditation. Therefore, as far as behavior is concerned, there is no phenomenon that is not related to an interdependent occurrence. Therefore, there is no teaching that is not connected with emptiness."
     If you perform good deeds, the fruit will be happiness. If you perform negative actions, the fruit will be suffering. This is the infallible nature of the doctrine of dependent origination.
     "When heat and moisture come together as concomitant conditions for the seed – causes of moisture, barley cannot arise from the fruit of the fruit (tree)." Therefore, relate to the act and the fruit until you understand the natural state. When you understand it, you will see the spontaneous realization of the devil's efforts for your own good and for the good of others, since the behavior of appearing with effort is an illusion.

     Then follows the method of following the levels and paths.
     The direct comprehension of the essence of the mind, which is free from fabrications and attributions, is the unity of clarity and emptiness. And this will be the first level, which is called Joyful.
     Why then do not the qualities of the [higher] levels immediately appear?
     Quality occur in sequence. So Zhang Drag said: "Understanding is due to the higher (vision). And this will be the level of perfect joy on the path of vision."
     It is also said, " although there are no qualities or possibilities, you are on the path of vision. When the sun rises, the ice gradually melts. And if there is no earth, stones, and heat, then there is no need for the sun."
     "Even if heat and clouds come together as accompanying conditions for the seed – cause, the bean cannot arise from the fruit of the fruit (tree)." Therefore, relate to the act and the fruit until you understand the natural state. When you understand it, you will see the spontaneous realization of the devil's efforts for your own good and for the good of others, since the behavior, the phenomenon with effort is an illusion.

     These are the instructions about the only cure for a hundred diseases, the white great Seal, the introduction to the nature of the mind.
     May all beings be freed by this!
     In accordance with the request of Agyal and the Royal family, it was expressed by the monk Shakya Kenchog Bang (the Fifth Shamarpa) from the Ngomgang monastery.
     Translated into Russian by Karma Paljor (O. E. Filippov)

Khakhyab Dorje

Instructions on key points of the Great Seal, Mahamudra, of absolute meaning

"The vision of naked awareness"

   Teacher Vajradhara!

     I bow to the all-Creating King, the glorious teacher Vajradhara, which demonstrates the inherent wisdom of one's own awareness-knowledge!
     After bowing, I will explain the oral instructions on the great Seal.
     Since this Supreme king of men, the Victorious one, has shown a state of perfect liberation, the gate of the Teaching acceptable to the mind, which is (characterized by a certain) faith, level, and ability, is shown as the manifestation of an unthinkable chariot. If you want to practice and instruct the great Seal of the final meaning, you should practice the preliminary, basic, and final (teachings).

     Preliminary (part). Exercises that were held earlier. Freedom and gain are difficult to gain and easy to destroy. The cause and the fruit are unmistakable. Understanding all States of cyclic existence as suffering, turn away from attachment (to them). By strong renunciation, connect the stream of mind with the Holy Teaching. The refuge that really liberates from being is the three Higher ones that dissolve into the three Roots. The vow not to give up anything because of (your own) life, is born from the heart with faith and your understanding! Understanding the suffering of cyclical existence, meditate constantly on the three types of enlightened attitudes, directing inexhaustible love to the living beings-the parents. Showing the clarity of inherent wisdom, (perform) the ritual of remorse-regret for veils, pernicious and obstacles. (Use) the friendly, which gives birth to a deep essence in the flow (of the mind). Work hard in methods that accumulate spiritual merit.

     Basic (practice). (Here,) when you stay focused on the object of contemplation (there are) four (points): view, meditation, behavior, and fruit.

     The view is the Great Seal of the Foundation (which is). The original sphere of equality of cyclic existence and Nirvana is unchangeable, free from contamination, mind - constructions and signs-symbols. It is not composite, it covers everything. Transcended the ways of speech and mind. Self-awareness-inherent wisdom as the great object of practice, accumulation of merit, power of listening, speech of unerring achievement-realization, and blessing-are all understanding.
     Meditation is the essential path of practice. Form your understanding in a nine-part way. By the power of sincere devotion and three types of unfeeling faith in the master - teacher, the jewel of fulfillment of thoughts, purposefully fulfill your prayers and receive four initiations. When mixed (your) mind and mind (teacher) be in nastartovani (state), nature, fresh, natural. Stop the three-time mind-building, hopes and fears.
     In shamatha-pacification, practice increasing in size. Whatever arises, rest in the liberation of ascension as an entity-nature.
     By means of the vipashyana weapon, the root and base are cut off. (Then) you will meet naked and unshakeable awareness-leading. (Rest with) relaxation in a vast (state) without fixation and without meditation. In nonconceptual bliss and clarity, do not distinguish between taste. There is no need to discard in perfect nature when emptiness is experienced. Cut off attachment to the account-size when the manifestations are experienced. Look at nature, which is free from three or four (aspects). When you are not in the formal (practice of meditative) balance, such experiences also occur. Be (alert) like a thief that doesn't move (anywhere). This is an illustration of the inherent wisdom of the enlightened one. The great perfection of the absolute meaning of all teachings is the Great Seal that is free from extremes.

     Behavior. Whatever arises, combine with the river of awareness. Guard the jewel of wish fulfillment-heartfelt obligations. Have the nature of emptiness and charity-heartiness. (Be) the Treasury that accompanies the enlightened mood. The result is fruit. A cyclic existence does not exist for discarding. Nirvana-peace does not exist for attainment. The veils and delusions of the perceiver and the perceived are cleared on their own level. Keep your own awareness-conduct - at your own level. This is how the great Seal of the fruit is indicated.

     Completion. Increasing the elimination of obstacles and errors in helping (the establishment of) stability in concentration. Once you get used to it, you will practice without interruption. Drop your pride and cultivate the signs of attainment. Stay, knocking down the eight (worldly) Dharma's. Eliminate the roots in the field of attachment to clinging to the self. Burn the understanding of clinging to the objects of the six clusters (consciousnesses). In particular, meditate on the master as the embodiment of all the Enlightened ones. By diligent signs you will also find (the fruits) of prayers and requests. The Holy protector, who is called with fervor, will come to the heart from the opening of Brahma. Blazing Majesty as the light of Great Bliss, unite in the body all the Victorious. Through the greatness of the manifestations of the light of the three vajras, the three gates are purified. Because of this, by the power of burning faith and devotion of uncontaminated Great Bliss, dissolve the master in the light. Having mixed with yourself, stay in balance in the mixing of (your) mind and the mind (of the teacher). All shining and sounding phenomena outside of meditation are found as the Seal of the three realizations. This song of pure faith is the heart-essence of all instruction. This is the Great Seal (revealed) by the power of kindness. Let this method and understanding instantly remove obstacles and achieve the highest real achievements! Because of this, by adhering to the key points with sincere faith, you will gain all the goals!
     If you can practice (according to) the explanations of the path of liberation, the great Seal, then you will realize innumerable great texts of attainment (realisation), whether sutras, mantras, or tantras, like one standing on the shore of the ocean. And even in this state, you will spread the Teaching, the activity-action, the great meditation. Having spread, you yourself, impelled by the great qualities, will manifest later (the level) of non-return. Made in the great Buddhist retreat center Zurdo Lord Khakhyab Dorje. Translated into Russian by Karma Paljor (Filippov O.E).
     Let there be good!

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