Collections of translations on astrology and geomancy (sache)


Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
The mirror of existence html
Calculation of fruits or dretsi -
Oral transmission line of the secret practice of Machig. Method of analysis of contemplation of the earth and method of analysis of springs -
Method of recovery opponents-dunzur -
The method of harmonization of the three harmonious -
Method of harmonizing disease, death, and cemeteries -
Compressed sanctification of the sachcha -
Phugpa Lhundrub Gyamtsho. Extensive commentary on Svarodaya, an important Tantra of the glorious all-Conqueror in battle " Sounds and melodies of the highest joy, the Bank of good explanations» - -

Tibetan divination and predictive practices

Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Padampa Sangye. Divination on five fingers pdf html
Padampa Sanye. Clairvoyance from divination on stones pdf html
Mingyur Dorje. Namcho. Treasury of the mind. Divination on the rosary with eight names of the Guru pdf html
Divination-mo of the five Dakini families and the day calculation table pdf html
Mingyur Dorje. Eight predictions by means of good symbols pdf html
Padmasambhava. The prediction by the magical manifestations pdf html




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