Books and collections of translations of The Guru Dragpo cycle

    Here you can find texts that relate To the Guru Dragpo cycle


Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Ritual practice of the Great Angry Teacher - -
The practice of the blood-drinking [three poisons] Angry Teacher " Is a rain of true achievements” - -
Ritual practice of the activity vase from [teachings] Angry Teacher - -
Ritual [offering] of Torma drinking the blood of the Angry Lotus " Destruction of all enemies and obstacles» - -
Fulfilling the heartfelt obligations of the blood-Drinking Angry Lotus " Clouds of the ocean of desire» - -
Visualization for reciting the [mantra] of protection, aversion [from oneself] and annihilation from the [cycle of teachings] of the blood-drinking Angry Lotus. - -
Daily ritual practice of an Angry Teacher - -
The shortest ritual of an ordinary Torma of obliging deities. - -





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