Collections of Troma Nagmo translations


Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Brief Torma setting procedure for the guardian Kings of the four sides -
Restoring heart obligations. The devastation of the depths of the basest of beings -   -
Fixing the location and state -   -
Records of the sequence of contemplations of the four feasts. Black feast -   -
Records of the sequence of contemplations of the four feasts. White feast -   -
Wheel of downpouring rain -   -
A feast for yogis, men and women -   -
Petition for the execution of the deeds of the demon king Rahula -   -
Troma's laughter, which suppresses with greatness and subdues -   -
The most concise Liturgy for the recitation of the preliminary practices -   -
Text for recitation of deep preliminary practices taken from the text of the explanations (extensive) -   -
Transfer of consciousness " Open gates of primordial wisdom" -   -
The ritual practices of longevity Troma Nagmo "Treasury-the source of immortality" -   -
Oral instructions about meeting your own face of the natural state. A deep drop from the heart of Saraha (chapters 1-11) -   -

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