Padampa Sanye. Clairvoyance from divination on stones

 Clairvoyance from divination on stones

     I commend the guru, the great jewel of Phadampa!
     Meditate on yourself as Phadampa. So that at this time the clairvoyance of divination on the stones as knowledge is clear, say: "Let a single stone be obtained for one person!"
     First - Specifies of the direction. If a stone appears from the eastern direction, [possible] harm from gyalpo in the form of provocation-effects. Carry out gifts of gyalpo. If there is a stone from the southern direction, [possible] harm from mamo and demon death-Yama. Good for making thoughts, predictions about income and food. If there is a stone from the western direction, [possible] damage from the nugs and spirits of Tsen. Perform the ritual with crossed lines because of the rakshashi. For women, is an average [prediction]. If there is a stone from the northern direction, [possible] damage from demons-Mara and gyalpo. Make offerings to Mara demons and gyalpo.
     Now there are indications of color. Here [possible] harm from the deity from own prayers. Therefore, a welcoming unclean feast should be prepared.
     If yellow stone appears, the harm from gyalpo and theurang. Make sounds and carry out state [or national] affairs. If a red stone appears, make offerings to the Jewels and Spirits of Tsen. If a black stone appears, the damage from the demon Mara. If there is a blue stone - harm from nugs and carry out offerings to nugs. Throw away, take out the peat and prepare a vase of nugs. If a white stone appears - perform a ritual of crossed threads for nine gyalpo and rakshasi. If half yellow and half red appears - harm from the spirits of Tsen and Gyalpo. If half red appears and blue is filled - harm from nugs and demons-Mara. If there is a round stone, thoughts will be realized.
     If a red stone occurs, it will be benevolent because of the discarding of everything from the divination of mo.
     May there will be a benefit!