8.9 The roots of virtue for the place of submission [of negative forces]

     The ninth. Roots of virtue for place of submission. There are three units of the deceased, higher, lower and middle.
     According to this, if it is normal to flow its own, then three days after death, up to the dawn of the fourth day - consciousness remains as insensitive. Then, just as a child wakes up from sleep, there is a glow of understanding bad and good. You meet symbols and all the desired goals. On each of the seven days - there are consecutive visions of the six families.
     The tradition in which they work hard in virtue at this time is this. If death is not protected by suppression, it will be difficult for the deceased to meet the path to liberation. Protection is therefore exercised by subjugating [negative forces] to death.
     The brief classification of subordination is as follows. External - submission to black wings. The average is satisfaction with sutras and special statements. Internal is the ceremony of accompanying the deity of the secret mantra. Work hard in proclaiming all this, etc.
     In addition, ten aspects from the tradition of submission [interfering forces]: five true and five discarded: five true and five discarded.
     The first. About submission of the earth by the sky tell "Submission of the servant by mister".
     The second. The submission of darkness to shine is said: "Submission of the spouse by the spouse."
     The third. The submission of the left to the right is said: "The submission of the child to the maternal uncle."
     The fourth. The submission of the body to the head is said "The submission of the child by the father."
     The fifth. About the submission of the arrow with air say "The submission of the student by the teacher."
     These are the five true ones from the tradition of submission.
     The sixth. The submission of heaven to the earth is said to be "the submission of the lord by the servant" and This is understood on the basis of force five discarded.
     All true are small fields for submission. All disgusted are big fields for submission.
     In addition, some explain the essence of the texts with regard to the great roots of virtue, small, etc. Since the deceased will not make a clear light perfect on the first day after the week after death, the main thing is to make self-release the ritual of hearing peaceful and angry. Therefore, the section of the training path - cleaning the veils and collecting savings in service to the four sections of the mandala and the tantra used.
     Also, when the season comes, most get a birth. So at this time they serve a guru teacher, a virtuous friend. Immerse themselves for a month, etc., in key instructions. At best, they get the fetus. On average - [become] Sugati in Khechchari. In the usual case - find the princess, the source of a good family. If practices are carried out at this time, you meet a symbol of delusion and liberation, manifestation and awareness. The diligence in removing the obstacles of the fetus through cleansing and restoration of heart commitments (remorse of extensive vision), etc., will be essential.
     If is another target in a great being, hold as lords compassion for beings. Therefore, the main thing will be the implementation of the heart [commitments], completely pure prayers-well-being, a quick way, ganachakra.
     If the creature is pernicious, some great force of virtue, such as irreparability, gift of vitality, etc., will be the main force of virtue.
     Also, depending on fate and your own virtue - the main thing, it is the ritual of the ocean of the Victorious to accompany, the purification of virtue, monastic.
     To accompany a male creature is the main ritual of a luminaire illuminating everything. To accompany the girl and the female family - the main thing, the ritual of Jamma, covering everything. To accompany the numerous who possess the pernicious is the main ritual of the vast space of the swastika. To accompany most creatures is the main ritual of following in Sukhavati. As common to living creatures of the environment-whistle is the main sutra of cutting off the gates of birth in the lower worlds. For those who possess falls and ignorance is the main ritual of remorse in swastika falls. For the heavy in the usual trends and non-children - the main section of sutras of liberation of six families.
     In addition, the section of performing [actions] for the deceased forms due to enemies of the life force of the deceased and the requirements regarding cooking. And should fill up throughout the year of birth with three corresponding types of water.
     Because of the happiness that comes thanks to such calculations for the dead, this tradition of unique texts has been removed from those proclaimed by the wise. It 's also [done], for the benefit of foundation.
     Thus ends the eighth, the chapter of calculations for the dead from the Mirror of Apparent Being, Chinese calculations.

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8.8 Tradition of recitation for corpse species

     The eighth. Tradition of recitation for corpse species. A connoisseur in procedures, having the origin and completion, must work hard in offering a golden drink, proclaiming truths, paying for apparent being, the ritual of classifying the paths of a corpse. Must establish the tradition of the chariot Shen apparent, on the neck must be a chakra of ability all in the Teaching. Should mark a turtle on the body inside, inject the head of the cemetery with a rat or wild. I have to hold a skin of antelope that can do anything. All veils of evident being will send into space. Keep eight classes of gods and demons as guests. Read aloud the heart of interdependence. Then go to action with the corpse.
     If the deceased 's mouth is open, it must be closed by clutching his teeth. Eyes - should be directed to the down or side. Head - heading north. Hands like crossed wajras. In this way, you will not make [available] ways to [appear] obstacles.
     The connoisseur that actions are being carried out with the corpse must steal the corpse, etc. It 's bad if the year of the deceased is the same as him. Drop three harmonious and opponents. It is good if you carry out small and large recitals (opponents of four of the two above and below) for the corpse, which is appropriately bitten (it is said about removal of obstacles of the accompanying expert). When there are no obstacles, there is no opposition. Three of the parkha are good - Li, Khon and Zon. Three white and two red are good from the mew. Remained — bad. The direction is the pure direction of the sadags. It is good if there is a white direction of mew, etc. Also, it is necessary to fill chakra of the year, chakra of the month, empty vase, movement Rahu, etc., from some small calculations (year, month, day, time, dog Hal, etc.). Relate your heart to the calculation of the fetus and the essence of the truth (must be related).
     Some others regarding receiving and throwing away, such as a year, etc., [say]: throw away the beginning of the year for two, alive and dead, and throw away opponents, three harmonious, the prosperity of Sog, the beginning of enemies, etc. For example, enemies are Tiger, Hare and West, Horse, Snake and North, Bird, Monkey and South, Rat, Pig, and four Intermediate. So [indicated] died in four opponents.
     In the east, eliminate the vision of the top of people. Stop calling daggers from the upper east for the deceased. Stop the incest and knives starting with Hare. Drop the intoxication, monks for the Dragon. A year, Monkeys are tumors in Snake 's throat. Horse has copper and leprosy. Sheep has a washed deceased. Monkey has a corpse because of contagious diseases. Poisoned bonpo for the Dog. dropsy and diseases of stone - suppressing in the north. Drop the suppression of the genus in the northeast for Bull. All others - starting with the gate parch: if died in Li, relate to the south, etc. Good if there 's the actual direction or the direction of the mother. North, etc. - suppression of enemies. Everyone else is balance.
     So, If you act many times with the face of the deceased, you say "the only corpse indicates the beginning of enemies." Drop the wealth and yaks for the source in Lee. Stop the incest and leprosy for Khon and the knives. For the source in Dva drop the splendour and incest. Don 't stop the flow, which corresponds to yourself, but drop [what corresponds to] the mother.
     Relate to some small comments regarding acceptance and discarding of month, day, time, etc. Drop opponent seven for the deceased, enemy four, three harmonious and month. As for the day - the day of the opponent of seven for the dead. Drop the day of the element of the enemy Wang.
     In general, drop the day of four enemies, three harmonious and decline Sog, separately. Free yourself from the six days of the four first in enemies of the cemetery, the last sixteen of the twenty-six in the four middle, heavenly gates of the cemetery, etc. Living many times will fill a year, such as Tiger, etc. Understand throwing away the sun in his day. As for the hour, throw away the time of four opponents at the beginning of the year both, alive and dead. As for the planet, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Saturn are bad. For La the deceased is also bad all planets-days of the week. See calculations regarding the fruit of constellation production and discarding.
     Also, the master that helps the deceased should not give food when he comes to Lee. When he comes to Dva - he must not light fire. When I come to Kham, I don 't have to dig a hole. Coming to Zin, he don 't have to collect rocks. Coming in four intermediate - should not work with trees.
     In addition. The path of the deceased meva - "Procedure of bringing down in shining lamps." If you place any mew in the center, then take steps on your own account accordingly. For example, the yellow five is located in the center. Five steps are taken in the center. In the east, a blue three and walk three times. In the southeast - green four and walk four times. In the south - purple nine and you step nine times. In the South West, a black double and two steps. In the west - red seven and seven steps. In the north-west - white six and step six times. In the north is a white unit and one step. In the northeast, there 's a white eight and eight steps. Similarly, this is the account of the meva.
     Later steps are set in everything. White is good, yellow is medium. All others, black double, etc. - bad. White unit - throw away multicolored and children. Black double - drop everything. Blue three - a tumor and a water tank are discarded. Green Four - drop the body with leprosy. Yellow Five - give up the monk. White six - give up the child from incest. Red Seven - give up rage and knife towards a young woman. The white eight are bon. Red Nine - don 't give away the old woman 's corpse and great welfare.
     These multicolored paths of the corpse of the meva are established as a procedure of wise Chinese.

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7.14 Add-on. For those going abroad

     Also additionally, [next]. Additionally, for people who go abroad - "Calculation abroad of the Lord of the gods Brahma". Month of travel time abroad (A month of time when Sog, Lu, Wang, and Lungta are asked. Also see if you are going abroad for a month on the road), four, Sog, Lu, Wang and Lungta people from abroad. Shape the conflict, and trimming. Analyze as follows. Cut-off month Soog of human (meeting enemy) - death abroad or also cut-off or murder of and enemies. When there is a combination with the prison or cutting off the Lu, the Wang will be cut off and thieves and robbers will appear for food and jewelry. When cutting off the Lungta, there is a danger of ransom by friends.
     If cut off as the father of the Sog month calculated, it will quickly rotate without loss or death. If you meet a friend of Lu, there will be no diseases. Will have a favorable trade, strength, the body will be very famous. If you meet a friend of Wang, he will drink and eat. If you meet a friend of Lungta, you will be loved in conversation. If you count friends for yourself, it will be a great power.
     If you meet mother of Sog, you will fulfill all your dreams. If you meet Lu's mother, the diseases will be rare. If you meet Wang's mother, you will win the trade. If you meet Lungta's mother, nothing will be lost.
     If the son of Sog is emptied, then longevity will be damaged, La will wander, and death will appear. There will be desolation of the body, trade will be destroyed, there will be few friends. If Vang is emptied, there will be little food. When the Lungta is emptied, there will be losses and scandals.
     If inside meet Sog of fire, you will leave and there will be pleasure in the absence of death and loss. But the return will then be only in the distribution and only by thoughts.
     When inside meet Lu of fire, you will leave. Diseases will be rare, there will be many friends and no enemies. I clearly heard what they say about one month to return.
     If internally meet the Wang of fire, you will leave, there will be many things and happiness will appear. If you go back, you'll be on the road.
     If internally meet a Lungta of fire, then you will leave and your abode will be destroyed. If it doesn't collapse, you'll be back the same day.
     If internally meet the Sog of the earth — you will leave with a delay. You will sleep a lot with small goals in the location.
     If internally meet the Lu of the earth, you will have head diseases. Following the outside world, friends and trade will be formed by the ruler.
     If internally meet the Wangs of the Earth — with a small number of friends, you will achieve your goals, but you will not achieve what is similar to them.
     If internally meet the Lungta of the earth - if you go, it will be small to achieve the desired goals, if you stay among great people. Since friendship and trade are formed by the theurangs, you will win first, then you will lose.
     If four, Sog, Lu, Wang, and Lungta, meet internally with water, you will soon be surrounded by small goals-tasks. If they meet a tree, you will soon be surrounded. If metal is found internally, then later there will be great happiness. A good friend and an enemy establish harm.
     When a month with the element earth - later there will be great happiness. The element of water - will come quickly, but you will not realize the goal. The element of fire will surround you quickly and carry out any goal. The metal element — the goals will be distant for a long time. With the tree element-there will be few friends and big fears. This is the calculation of the foreign country based on the month.

     Additionally, the hidden branch table calculates support for increasing the resulting host. Since the Dragon mother look forward to the follow position, obtained as the completion. Then count eighteen up. This is something that conflicts with two overlapping life forces. When the calculated return is broken, the rope will also split. Count ten up [and find] a conflict with Wang. When you return, you will trade with the demons yourself.
     Eighteen at down - conflict with Lungta. When you return, you will possess kilaya, the Foundation of the earth. Count ten at up - conflict with Lu. By this means, when the return is calculated, there will be harm due to the rakshasas. Thus, the emergence of everything that is collected as negative comes under the condition of an eighteen-month meeting. Therefore, perform giving-taking when moving, spreading and decreasing at birth.
     Also, the beginning of the cycle of weapons of one is as follows. Starting with the Horse, which corresponds to the element calculated, go down as far as possible. Then up, counting eighteen. And so on in accordance with the order. Analyze the rope of Sog, etc. When you return, your power will be lost. There will be a war in the country. Since the fortress will be surrounded by troops, there will be a war with noise for ten days. Spears and long arrows will move. This is acceptable as a calculation for everyone. Stick to it as the main thing in the perfection of food.
     "The calculation of the business of gods and demons" is as follows. Starting with the Hare - your own friend, when spinning for men, go down the account until two conflicts with Sog. Then go down to the conflict of seven in two Lu. When you return, it will be a good omission. If the cutoff occurs, you trade with the demons with the help of the gods. In particular, increasing the enemy metal and collecting in the sky gate of parkha - will be bad.
     Rotation for women. Starting from Hare of mother - up by the number of [years]. There will be a [determined] conflict with Sog. Then seven down to [determine] the conflict of the two Lu. When you return it will be similar to what is shown above.
     This is the calculation of birth from the mind-heart table. If a girl with Khon is born, the mother's gate will be closed by the girl. And later, a girl will also be born. This girl will eat a variety of jewelry. And until her mother dies, there will be no girls for this girl.
     If a young man is born with Khen, then the gates of man will be cut off. The highest of the newcomers will not appear until the youth is thirty years old. But [the children] will come to the young man earlier. Also, until the death of the father, no children will be born.
     If a girl with Gin is born, her name and status will be stolen for a long time. But it says that "later there will be a girl".
     No matter how subtle the calculations [such as these], etc., will arise from endless statements. But even in this case, use the procedure and [I] an important family of. Thanks to this, what is said in brief, the desired goals will be realized.
     Thus ends the seventh Chapter of the establishment of the thirteen cycles of Chinese analysis from the "Mirror of manifest existence", Black calculations.

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8.7 Location of corpse species

     The seventh. Arrangement of types of corpses. Three kinds of corpses, such as swallowed shaya, scraped and leached - are located in the water, bitten in the skin of a horse or bull. Corpses of three types of restraint of the family (dead child - white suppression of the genus, deceased girl - multicolored suppression of the family, if neither - black) - are located in a prominent place at the intersection.
     Small corpses and corpses with four extremes (crippled, deaf, mute) - ene are located in their own area, refer to other places. A family of corpses with four errors - not located in the cemetery, remain near. The corpses of five people with chronic diseases (water, tumor, bile, cancer, ulcers) - throw away the fact that they are located in the house. Five bodies of unclean [castes] (killed you because of your wife, etc.), unclean animals (killing a snake, etc.) - do not have in the cemetery or at home. Those with a triangle or a gate to Earth rest in the ground. Five kinds of corpses with knives (piece, weapon, water, welfare cordon from below) - rest in this way. Place with the corner on the left and the corner on the right. Six people with bad nature (one-eyed, hands-free, no tongue, sick mind, falling back, mute) - it is not acceptable to have near a cemetery or house. If there is a lucky corpse (more than eighty years old), with luck - do not bury in a cemetery, make offerings and have [in the house]. The corpses of those on top, such as two, are the highest virtuous friend and king. Burn them and the rest. So you will clean up five elements in the cemetery.
     Directions of extensive analyses of the cemetery - relate to three, white coffin for the cemetery, black and colored (so reference).
     What is the tradition of preparing a cemetery of young, a cemetery for children, that lived less than eight years? If the child [died] at birth or excess blood - hide in a cave in the crypt, wrapped in white silk. If the child [died], when it has not yet passed a month - hide in the ground putting a table of the crypt. If he died at noon, and was born at dawn - put the way from below from the crossed wajra. If he died not before the end of the month - under the house on the left put the boy, on the right the girl. When it 's been a month, put it in the water. Five or eight to twelve - also buried in water. It is so told.
     Two months, bury the gate at the base of the stairs. Three months to the right of the gate. Six is lava from the gate. Four months - buried in the ground, in front of the road. When he died, reaching one year - bury behind the house. Two years - buried on the bank to the left of the river. Three years - bury to the right of the house. Get buried in the ground for four years so you don 't see the sky. Five years, put a bull on the bed. Six years is explained as buried under a staircase. Seven years - buried on multicolored land. From the age of eight, act like this. Prepare everything for the baby, carry out a procedure to eliminate failures, put down child demons. Bring virtue to the baby, bring water peat (torma of karmic creditors).
     In addition. These are the clothes of the deceased and the size of the deceased. If he died in Lee, the black paths are for the deceased. The size of the cemetery is like running horses. In Khon - green clothes for a corpse. The size of the cemetery is sheep. Died in Dva - red clothes for the deceased. The size of the cemetery is a goat 's run. In Khen - red clothes of the deceased. The size of the cemetery is like a dog. In Kham, yellow clothes. The size of the cemetery is a pig. In Gin - clothes blue and the size of the cemetery - Bull. In Zin - clothes white and the size of the cemetery - monkey. In the Zon - also clothes white and the size of the cemetery - cow.
     On silk with your own color parkha mark your own seals-wise. It is said that it is necessary to link to the head of the deceased. When you know the procedure of eliminating failures in jewels at the size of the cemetery, it is important to cut off the decorations of the deceased at burial.

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7.13 the Thirteenth cycle. Cycle of an adult wild Yak

     Thirteen. For three, horses, sheep and flocks - "Cycle of an adult wild Yak". [Define] the conflict by following up from the bull — mother of the calculated, and having received, follow down. Five principles of settlement for freed or not from saddles and reins geiling; burst or no hand from mares; to be slippery or not hair wild yaks; will fall or not in the act of a smile written by the deity; or not break the rope from the wool of sheep.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, since you will not get rid of the saddle and reins of the gyiling, it will be good because of the great power from the use of horses and monkeys. If black, it will be bad for the gyiling horses. Use practice of Yakshas, such as Kubera, etc.
     If the white stone of Lu, then the hands will not break because of the mares. And horse clothing will increase. If black, then because there will be no passion in relation to ungulates, then carry out suppression of demons of horses, bring a ransom for horses.
     If the white stone of Wang, then there will be a passion for sheep. Since the hair of wild yaks will not be slippery, the herds will increase. And it will be good, because there will be no failure. If black, it will be bad for the land of the Yak sheep. Don't do the gifts that you possess signs, chant Dharani of Varudhini.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then it will be good, because the sheep will increase, the flocks will spread because of the lack of images of deities falling into smiles. If black, the sheep's defenses will be polluted by demons. Establish actual achievements-the siddhi of the herd.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then you will be connected to the line of luck, since the rope of sheep's hair will not be cut off. Hidden signs due to deities on the fence and sheep. If black, then poisoned wolves and sharp fangs will fill the stall of sheep. Set up weapons in the West with the blood of a herd of small ones. Sudeste ransom small. To suppress the demons of failure, etc.
This Holy astrological science like this is known as the thirteen cycles of Chinese analysis or the cycle of Nepalese women. Follow the explanation of the procedure for key points.

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6.6.6. Revenge of the constellations.

     Sixth. Revenge of the constellations. Krittika (residence) - you will get [harm] because of impurity and widowhood. Rohini (accommodation) - you will get [harm] because of the hearth for burning. Mrigashirsha (accommodation)-you will get [harm] because of food and scandals. Aridra (prolonged illness)-you will get [harm] because of the blacksmith and the retention of the face. Punarvasu - you will get [harm] because of strong and powerful deeds. Pushya - you will get [harm] because of Nyen and cultivation of the land. Ashlesha - you will get [harm] because of slander and disputes. Magha - you will get [harm] because of strong and passionate explanations. Purvaphalguni (death) - receive [harm] because of the suppression and destruction of trees. Uttaraphalguni (death) - you will get [harm] because of the destruction of stones, cultivation of the land. Hasta (death) - you will get [harm] because of the fear of suppressing mantras. Chitra (death) - you will get [harm] because of unnoticed food. Swati (death, great danger) - you will get [harm] because of the made ruins-ruins. Visakha - you will get [harm] from traveling in the evening. Anuradha - you will get [harm] because of the entry of a demon into the hearth. The Rohini (the ease of healing) — you will get [harm] because of the guests and the forge. Mula - you will get [harm] because of the oil and meat. Purvashadha - you will get [harm] from ponds, irrigation channels, dug [holes]. Uttarashadha - you will get [harm] from farming. Abhijit - you will get [harm] because of the wars of the sages. Shravana - you will get [harm] because of serving bad friends. Dhanishtha - you will get [harm] because of your neighbors travel. Shatabhisha - you will get [harm] because of the travel of working people. Purvabhadrapada (death, great danger) - you will get [harm] because of incest and gathering. Uttarabhadrapada - you will get [harm] because of spilled pure beer. Revati — you will get [harm] because of the women's journey. Ashwini - you will get [harm] because of river visitors. Bharani - you will get [harm] because of Prices and a small setback.
     Perform a benevolent analysis in this way. Look at the characteristics of your own flow that moves at the top.
     First — person element of the tree. Color - blue, size - extended, body with needs. He talks a lot, lies a lot, and if he moves, it's fast. The body is bent, happy to trade.
     Man of fire - red color, Sharp wisdom and strong in speech. A strong belief in dryness and good maturation in the wind. The hair is yellow, the mind is great, and the anger is great.
     Man of the earth - the color is yellow, the body is heavy. Small in stature, moves and drinks a lot, doesn't talk much, has a large body. Happy if it moves belted. Big laziness and intoxicating dreams.
     Metal man - the color is white, it is impossible to change. Unrestrained, the mind is pure, her hair braided and beautiful. Bad hearing, clear mind. Words are harsh, speech is sharp, and pride is great.
     Water man - color black, shape oily, lots of saliva, mucus from the nose, mucus from the eyes. The body is heavy, the mind is dull, the movements are bad. The body shakes, little heat, great passion.
     Similarly, the elements are characterized: a person who has a connection of two, a person who has a connection of three, and so on. This is how the magic wheel of knowledge turns. Whether there are diseases or not, subdivide them mercifully through the science of the sages. Having done so, by completing the coniferous tree stones of astrological science, grant a prediction of good and bad.
     Thus ends the sixth — Chapter of the demonstration of the long pine tree of astrological science from the "Mirror of manifest existence", Chinese calculations.

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8.6 Stone cleaning skandhas for cemetery of five elements.

    The sixth. Throwing out stone cleansing skandhas for cemetery five elements. Following the mountain is the tree cemetery, burning in the fire is the fire cemetery, burying in the ground is the earth cemetery, dissecting with weapons is the metal cemetery, drowning in the water is the water cemetery. What are these five cemeteries? There is a conflict between these thirteen - four, Sog, Lu, Wang and Lungta deceased, three, element, meme of birth and own parkha (Tiger, Hare and Zin, Horse, Snake and Li, etc.), four, year, month, day and hour of time of death (own Wang), two, day of death and constellation of death.
    If at this time meet inside - one white. There is a mother - two white, a son - multicolored. There is an enemy - two black, a friend - one black (So the conflict in Vaidurya karpo is shown. All traditions of throwing stone away in conflict - manifest themselves in a small conflict between each other). In general, seventy stones are indicated here. For a woman - thirteen stones analyzed (If the conflict of five cemeteries is determined on the basis of black calculations and three close traditions of Tsurphu, it is said that the fruit of sixty-five stones is explained. It is not acceptable. It is very absurd, because one corpse cannot have five cemeteries. Also, speaking of sixty-five lists of stones, cut off the stone of the hour. It is thought that this occurrence of fetus time is not pure).
    These clear predictions of this kind are shown as follows.
    If the black stone of Sog - read the stothik, read a vast, medium and brief [sutra] section. If Liu 's black stone comes contagious diseases. Perform the ritual of white Ushnisha. If Wang 's black stone is a failure. Repeat sutra of golden light and dharani Vasudharini. If Lungt 's black stone, sticks will gather. Throw away the mare demons to Dutrisu.
    If the black stone of the element - dissipates the male side.. Protect welfare, do things for the nien. If the black stone is a mew, throw away the mare demons. If the black stone parkha - perform a ceremony to eliminate the failures of eight. If the black stone of the year is bad for father and uncle in the male line. If the black stone of the month is bad for a girl. If the black stone of the day is bad for an adult man. If the black stone of the hour is bad for a little son. If the black stone of the planet is bad for the head of the family. If the black stone of the constellation is bad for friends at home. Act according to the repetition calculation section for all bad. With ease [define] suppression [of negative forces] for skandhas on any white. If everything 's black, consult about five cemeteries.
    Whatever the sections of stones of this kind, one white is an increase in the essence of seeds, good and happiness. Two white - an increase in the tan with cattle, such as horses, etc. One black is sorrow and suffering. Two blacks are preliminary rituals for a corpse. In case of multicolored - diseases will arise.
    In the case of a briefly essence, a heart-essence of that: Sog is a demon mara, filling the corpse of the lord of the corpse, a demon mara; Lu is a demon mara that knows the land of the land bon cemetery; Wang is a demon mara will follow to the aunt 's maternal food; Lungta is a demon mara as the son of a maternal uncle; An element of the family - demon-mara as the gla of the line of the paternal side; The king of this year is a demon mara that knows the calculations; Minister-month - demon-mara, which forms a council; Military day - demon mara as messenger; The hour is the demon mara that hunts the deer; The planet is a demon mara that fills the family 's home; Constellation - demon mara close to home; Meva - analysis of widowhood and orphans; Parkha - analysis of the coverage of everything. All others - [appear] as some essence of calculation of clear prediction. Since this is important, this meeting is explained.
    Four opponents and line three (Kung and element ground. Year is similar that are born in a year of four opponents, four opponents of the parkh and four opponents of month - the parkh's opponent. Follow what later) - does not remain on the mountain. Bird, Monkey, and Line Three are not burned in flames. Rat, Pig, and line three are not buried in the ground. Tiger and Hare and line three are not dissected with weapons. Horse and Snake and Line Three don 't sink in the water.
    Whoever is killed by wild animals, damaged by wood or stones, relaxed in welfare, insane - not acceptable for leaving on a mountain.
    Whoever suffered from epidemic diseases, with a tumor in his throat, smallpox, bile, poisoned with shaya poison (sha ya), suicide, cancer, leprosy, whistling [wounds], corpse due to planets - is not acceptable for burning in fire.
    Dark grey, nervous, beaten by a sheep whose mind was raised by porridge, who died under the cover, died after the expulsion of his son and mother - stop the buried in the ground.
    The corpse of an unclean caste suffering from bad contagious diseases, a leper who died of a knife - is not acceptable for gun service in the cemetery practice.
    Whoever died of water, tumors covered by water, prolonged chronic diseases, diaries - is not acceptable for immersion in water.
    Also, if a year, an element of the year, a parkha, a meva, a planet (deceased), a constellation, a month and an element of [genus] from the western direction, say "All metal. It is not burned". If burned, it will be bad (alive) for the Birds and Monkeys born in the years. If the northern direction, they say "All water, Do not hide [in the ground]." If to cover, then it will be bad for given rise in days of the Rat and the Pig. Eastern direction - they say "You will not pass everything to the tree." If you pass, it will be flat for those born in the years of Tiger and Hare. The southern direction - everything is fire, does not dive underwater. If you plunge, it will be bad for the year-born Horses and Snakes. Four intermediate - everything is land, you won 't take it to the mountain. If you carry, it will be bad for the opponents born in a year.
    Higher, secondary and ordinary cemeteries [such]. The tree that dives into the water is higher. The fire that goes to the mountain is the highest. The land that is burned in the fire is higher. The metal that hides in the ground is higher. The water that is dissected by the metal is higher. All this the highest [views of the cemetery], cemetery mother and cemetery son. His own cemetery is middle from below, his friend 's cemetery is middle. All cemeteries of the enemy are ordinary.
    Similarly, the understanding of production and discarding is realized.

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7.12 the Twelfth cycle. Cycle of precious vase

     Twelfth. For things, gold, etc. - "Cycle of the precious vase". Starting with the Pig of the other element being calculated, [define] the conflict when counting up. Five principles of settlement: desirable or not, the Golden mount Meru; it will be shaking or not turquoise sea; split or not vase-vessel of [deities with] animal head; break or no rope eye good luck turquoise; will be collected or not in deep debt copper.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, then the Royal law of the Golden mountain will be desired. And if you act now ,you will get a treasure trove of jewels from the past. If black, then there will be a violation of things, jewelry. Exercise command over the demons of passion and gongpo.
     If the white stone of Lu, you will have clothes and ornaments on it, because the sea of turquoise will not shake. If black, the ocean of glorious prosperity will dry up. It is important to eliminate failure, implement wealth practices, and so on.
     If the white stone of Wang, you will collect wealth. Since the vase of animal faces will split, the storage of jewelry will be filled, which is good. If you are black, you will experience poverty and suffering. Work hard in the absence of passion for things and jewelry and the birth of success.
     If the white stone of Lungta, the rope of the eye of luck and turquoise will not break. Fame will spread. Even if you interact with things and jewelry, you will not notice exhaustion. If you are black, you will lose control of the jewels because of others. Remove the white silk from the bag with the wind. Repeat the Dharani of the all-Conqueror and the Mahabala.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then you will collect the jewels without hiding anything in the depths of copper debts. If you don't accumulate it, the storage will fill up anyway. If you are black, then because the jewels will disappear, even if you have wealth, there will be numerous defilements in increasing the perfection of the mind and the jewels. Implement the aversion of demons-Mara, with the power to collect good luck and prosperity.

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6.6.5 Revenge of the planet-days.

     Fifth. Revenge of the planets. Under the Sun - the protection of the deities will be impure. Under the moon — will be the harm of Sadags, Nagas, Nyen. When Mars - the wrath demonesses-Mara, Tsen, and Gyalpo. When Mercury - harm from Nagas and Chomen. Under Jupiter - there will be a shake-up with the defenders of Buddhism and Bon. With Venus - there will be fear from Nyen and Gyalpo. Saturn — is the harm of Sadags and Mamo. All that is done by them, analyze science from the ceremony of eliminating negative influences.

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