6 Calculations regarding diseases

     The highest primordial wisdom, illuminating everything for beings with the mirror of mercy, which arose from the ocean of deep and vast astrological science! I bow before the king, which is a magical manifestation of the acts of giving [primordial wisdom]!
     I will explain the calculations of the coniferous tree, that everything becomes clear from diseases and negative provocations, demons-Mara, which harm the illusory bodies of beings who [have] freedoms and gains.
     Although this Holy astrological science speaks of essence because of diseases, it is also acceptable to analyze the absence of diseases. Therefore, in the stream of beings there are passions in a continuous stream and diseases of the five elements that arise from the three poisons.
     In any case, after correctly analyzing the characteristics of wind, mucus, and bile (according to statements from Tantra explanations), stick to this.
     Also, this is the list of stones: the five main stones of a coniferous tree. Following this, fifteen branches, small twigs and sixty, three hundred and sixty divisions of the leaves and normal fruit. All in all, it's going to be three hundred and ninety-six.

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