6.3.2 Calculation of fifteen Golden lines

     It is good if the up and down turns are associated with white. Also, if there is a connection with the upper part, it is good for a man. If it is connected with the average, the girl's ocean of life is filled. If it is connected to the lower one, then the baby enters the metal fortress. When communicating with the average man and woman, "a turquoise seat is installed". When communicating with the middle son and mother - "a line of gold is Established". It is connected with one - "Appearance of clouds in the sky during the day". Associated with two - "Sunrise in the clouds". Associated with three or four — especially good.
     It is bad if the rise up and fall down are black. From above-bad for Sog of men. In the middle-there are great demons-Mara for a woman. At the bottom-the trunk of a child falls. If a man and women are related to the average, enemies will come close. When communicating with the average mother and son-there will be bandits for Sog. If it is connected with one, then darkness will swirl in the space of the heart. If with two, the root of the trunk will rot. If with three or four-the fruit will dry out.

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