6.3.4 Calculating the fruit of the wish tree

     Analyze the relationships from right to left. Thus the fruit of this is explained. If everything that is going in the directions is connected with the white on top, then the man "Spear with silk will rise to the sky". In the middle-a woman "on the ground will be bubbling swastika." From below-the son "the tree of fulfillment of desires will grow". If it is connected with the middle of a man and a woman - "you will Build a house of being-a family". If it is connected with the middle of the mother and son - "a flower will Appear". If it is connected with one - "the growth of the La tree will grow". If it is connected with two - "you will cover space with your Limbs". If it is connected with three - "the Petals will open in winter". If four or more - "the fruit will Ripen".
     If it is connected with black, then there will be grief. For a man, " the pillar of heaven will Split." For a woman, " a Stone from the mountain will fall into the valley." For the son, " the Flowers on earth will be entangled in murder." Obstacles men and women - "the house of glory will be Destroyed". Obstacles for the mother and son - "existence will Go to the sky". One loss - "there will Be signals-signs of demons-Mara". Two losses - "the La sea will Dry up to the depths". Three losses - "the spear will Break on the belt". Four or more - " you Will be covered with a river of sorrow." If there is a mix of white and black, you can go back to your mother. It will be difficult to cure coniferous tree diseases due to pollution and provocations.

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