6.3.5 Calculation of the house of failure and the house of glory

     Calculation of the house of glory and the house of failure-the island of white and the island of black. Increasing the top of the four white ones - "the Man is guarded by the gods". Increase in the middle, at the level of the woman - "Beautiful, covered with silks". Increase in the lower part, at the level of the son - "Being strikes from the bow". Increasing the middle for men and women - "Becoming a house of glory". The increase in the means for mother and son - "Union of mother and son." Increasing the unit of the house of glory - "Vision of the sky". Increase of two - "Sunrise without clouds". The increase in the three, four and higher "Virtue, ripening fruit."
     [This is what] is formed in the island of the four blacks, the house of failure. At the level of men - "the Establishment of the black demon-Mara from above". On the level of a woman- "wild animals and dogs Move". On the level of the son- "the gods are Angry and fall like a demon-Mara". In the middle for a man and a woman- "the bow of being will Split". In the middle for mother and son - "the arrow of the demon-Mara will Pierce". Black unit - " Entangled in the darkness of suffering." Black two - "make Friends with the son of the Lord of death". Black three - "Sell people and son to demons". Four faithful and more - "you will not count the ransomed".
     When the colored stones appear, go back to your mother. You will undoubtedly be ill.

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