6.3.6 Listing the eyes of death and the eyes of murder

     If there is one black stone in the center of four white stones, "one black stone will Die". If there is one white stone in the center between four black stones, "one white will Die". If the black on top dies, it is good, because the heart of the enemy will appear at the level of the man. If the black man is killed at the mother's level in the middle, it is good, because "a tiger will be killed At the house and gate". In the lower part, in the child's case, "the child's demons will Become invisible". In the middle of the man and woman - " Death will be overcome by the deity within." In the middle of the mother and son - "the feet of the child's demons of death will be bound".
     If the white man dies in the upper part of the man - "the man's La will be Dispelled". If in the middle of the mother - " the horn and the woman's desires will be Destroyed." If in the lower part, the child - "the turquoise sheep will be Scattered". If in the middle part of a man and a woman- " Will be entangled around the darkness of death." If in the middle part of the mother and son - "epidemic disease and death will Descend". Multicolored-curtains and negative effects on the coniferous tree.

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