6.3.7 Calculating the intersection or lack of intersection of diagrams.

     If a coniferous tree is split from above, the first diagram of longevity will intersect, the gates of heaven will close, and the binding rope will break. Bad for a man, perform hymns to the deity of a man. If the destruction of the house of glory in the middle and the appearance of the house of failure descend, it is bad for the mother, carry out the suppression of demons from the cemetery. If the eyes of death are numerous at the bottom, then there will be an intersection of the last diagram, which is bad for the son. Then measure yourself with the sequence and knowledge of the movement.
     Also determine the negative effects by listing the black stones on the coniferous tree Lu. If one occurs, then the country and Tsen. Two-the Lord and the demons-Mara. Three keepers acrois. Four-Mamo. There will be five-vow breakers. Six are male demons. There will be seven — scandals. Eight-Bhuta. There will be nine - hungry ghost. Ten-demons of the si youths. Eleven — Sadags. Twelve-demons from the cemetery. Thirteen of the negative impact from Rahula. Fourteen-influence of Mu. Fifteen-harm from Indra, etc. Stick to [this] definition of influences.
     If a strong white stone on the Lu disease, it is bad - " the Healer turned away from the patient." Great strength is needed in service. The three-part remainder is a disease due to white. Collect the great accumulation that clears the veil of deeds-karma. The four-part remainder is a disease due to white conditions. Perform discarding and Torma games of the angry ones. Half of the whites and blacks are ill because of the negative influence of Mamo. Perform prayers to internal and external deities, recite a hundred thousand words. If you meet a son, the passion for the outside will not descend on a coniferous tree with colored white and black. It will be useful if you collect savings, [burn] gifts, make Torma.

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