6.4 Three hundred divisions of leaves

     Fourth. Three hundred petals — five sections of sixty branches on the root stones of the five elements. Since they are combined, [we get] three hundred petals. In General, following the coniferous trees, Golden from the inside, adhere to the important because of the analysis of the good, which is similar to: 1) the boiling of white sheep 2) the rise and movement of white silk 3) the fall of overflowing wind and water 4) the construction of a Golden mountain 5) the decoration of a precious necklace.
     In the case of black, the order is followed because of the analysis of the bad, which is similar to: 1) Garuda and black birds 2) capturing the shadow of the setting sun 3) destroying a necklace of medicinal plants 4) lifting a broken trunk [tree] into the sky. It is like sheep being driven away by wolves. It is bad if a lot of white is scattered by black.
     In short, it is good if there is a lot of white. Well, if a little black. If it is equally white and black, then there are no gods or demons. In any case, perform a ceremony to eliminate failures.

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