Attention! A small warning for those who will read this text and think about how to apply it. In the text there are moments associated with the use of ingredients in the form of blood, flesh, etc. And relating to people, animals. Also mentioned are some items that may not be available at this time (remember, the text was compiled centuries ago in another country and in other conditions). The translator of this text and the administration of the site in no way calls you to violate the existing legislation. Harm to people or animals is a very bad approach. And it should be avoided. In those cases when you want to use the text for your needs - look for a replacement for the ingredients or do not use them at all. But before using Sungkor, it is desirable to receive extreme instructions on working with them.


The embodiment of the teacher's mind

One hundred thousand types of protection

Vajra Necklace

    Praise to the teacher, the deity of meditation and the heavenly deity! Hum!
    I bow before the teachers, the meeting of the deities of meditation, the heavenly deities and the defenders of the teachings that, having a vajra, teach to manifest themselves in peaceful and wrathful forms!
    Catalog of Sungkor or Protection Wheels (Protective Chakras):

Preliminary explanations
1) Protection from harm of eight classes
2) Protection against dirt and sewage
3) Protection against eye diseases
4) Protection against infectious diseases
5) Protection against weapons
6) Protection from the wrath of the deities
7) Protection from harm of Nagas
8) Protection from harm to the lords of the area (sadag)
9) Cut off leprosy
10) Protection from harm of Yaksha
11) protection from harm of Mamo
12) Protection against harm of Rakshasa
13) Protection from the harm of the demon of death
14) Protection from the harm of demons theurang
15) Protection from harm to female demons
16) Increasing the number of children
17) Conception of children
18) Protection from female demons owning life
19) Protection from male demons owning life
20) Protection from deadly demons killers
21) Protection from deadly demonic killers
22) Protection from the demons of the mountains
23) Protection from leprosy daemon
24) Protection from the hurt of Tsen demons
25) Protection from harm Rishi Rahu
26) Protection from the common harm of Bhuta
27) Protection from the harm of the demon monk Gyalgong
28) Protection from harm of demonic Senmo
29) Protection from preta, famine demons
30) Protection from harm of contagious diseases of people
31) Protection from harm of violators of heart obligations-samaya
32) Protection from the harm of pollution
33) Protection from the harm of harmful spells
34) Protection from harm of small demons
35) Protection from harm of female demons
36) Protection from the harm of carnivorous Dakinis
37) Protection from the harm of the spirits of the mountains of Nyen.
38) Protection from unpleasant odor burning places
39) Protection against earth rakshasas (worms)
40) Protection against rakshasa of elevations
41) Protection from pain and deadly diseases
42) Protection from a hostile outbreak
43) Protection from demons that harm old people
44) Protection from demons that harm young
45) Protection from demons that harm adults
46) Protection from the king Pekhar
47) Protection from Dorje Legpa with vows
48) Protection from thirty governor of the proud spirits of Dregpa
49) Protection from eighteen great haughty spirits of Dregpa, masters of mantra
50) Protection against internal strife
51) Protection against blackouts and mistakes in oaths
52) Protection against errors in actions
53) Protection against poisons
54) Protection against all human diseases
55) Protection from bad dreams
56) Protection from bad omens
57) Protection against bad intentions
58) Protection from higher spirits with the heads of animals
59) Protection against pressure
60) Protection against disputes and disagreements
61) Protection from pain and exile
62) The invisibility of a thousand gods and demons
63) Protection from thieves in the house
64) Protection against damage to the stored
65) Loss protection
66) Cut off the paths of movement of demons
67) Protection from the fear of fire
68) Protection from harm for fruits
69) Protection of children from the pressure of demons
70) Protection against dental disease
71) Protection from the fear of lightning
72) Protection against possessing poisonous teeth
73) Protection against wild animals
74) Protection against smallpox
75) Protection from the demon of madness
76) Protection from evil
77) Protection from harm chain dogs
78) Protection against thieves
79) Protection from thugs and enemies
80) Protection against awakening and madness.
81) Protection against wild animals, bandits, enemies, thieves, livestock
82) Protection against loss of semen
83) Protection from low-lying stars and planets
84) Protection against low time calculation
85) Protection from bad direction
86) Protection from five demons
87) Protection and cutting off demons
88) Protection from the water demon
89) Flood protection
90) Protection from small malicious demons and the coming pain
91) Protection against abscesses, lameness
92) Generation of the life force of longevity
93) Body augmentation
94) Spawning Good Fate
95) Spawning Good Luck
96) Realization of efforts
97) Victory over the merchants
98) All-conquering
99) Increase wealth
100) To increase food and drink
101) Increase caps and clothing.
102) Attractiveness for all
103) Protection from one hundred thousand gods and demons
104) Wind Disease Protection Wheel
105) Heat Protection Water Wheel
106) The wheel of fire that burns
107) A wind wheel that protects from curtains and gloomings.
108) The wheel of unification of all primary elements
109) The jewel of fulfilling the desires of your own defense.

Final rituals and benefit

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