Preliminary explanations


Preliminary explanations

     Let every creature that has a body will not be harmed by negative spirits that cause harm! Let the deities that grant refuge be protected! May spiritual merit, longevity, etc., increase! Let everything that is desired manifest according to intention! Let demons and obstacles be thrown away! In short, let the one who is associated with the appropriate type of protection from a precious necklace of yogic acts such as peace, increase, submission and destruction have the happiness, goodness, qualities and glory! Let it be protected from all errors! Let there be no harm from all that brings it! May the one who adheres be happy in body, speech and mind! Let him be freed from [inappropriate] conditions, such as untimely death, etc.! Let it be guarded, fulfilling the aspirations in accordance with the words of the distributed prayers and personal desires!
     By yoga, in which they are zealous for this, should, at a good time, when planets, stars and houses coincide, take refuge and give birth to [enlightened] attitudes. Having done so, one should [immerse yourself in] the nature of clarity, as acceptable for a clear comprehension of the teacher, the deity of meditation, and the heavenly deity-dakini. Next, you need to make an inscription with individual substances, which are indicated in accordance with the text.
    On silk clothing, paper, etc., it is necessary to depict a pattern similar to a small example. In the central circle write a request for the desired. One should consistently depict requests for the desired and corresponding exciting all syllables in the central circle. Must understand the sequence. All the syllables of the life force of the palace-defense must be pronounced with wishes, like a hook on a crown. When you make up everything, it is necessary that you should not be disturbed by various conversations, you must remain in silence. It is important that when drawing - there were no mistakes. Everything arises according to the hook. Then it is necessary to consecrate the substance and the image accordingly. Himself should be made in accordance with the regulations on the method of wearing, etc., without any additions or distortions. It should be remembered that the qualities indicated in the texts arise from within [ourselves]. In any case, if there are errors or additions, even slightly deviating from the text, there will be no benefit, since there will be a reason for the appearance of harm. It is important to act according to the text, without changing anything in essence. Therefore, you should depict everything in accordance with the sequence of protection that brings benefit to yourself and others.
     So here are seven consecutive circles. In the center of the first syllable is applied. In the middle circle is pronounced after the wishes of such a mantra

    oṁ āḥ hūṁ hrīḥ vajra guru deva dākinī sarva siddhi phala hūṁ āḥ

    In the next round, on eight petals, you need to draw eight syllables in Hri pairs. In a circle outside of this - on ten needles surround everything with ten syllables of Hum. In the next round the vowels and consonants of Sanskrit, adding to them :

    mama kāya vāka citta rakṣa kuruye svāhā

  And also to say and write everything desired, as was done earlie .
Outside this circle :

    namaḥ samanta buddhā ṇāṁ namaḥ samanta dharma ṇāṁ namaḥ samanta saṅghā ṇāṁ oṁ sitātapatre oṁ vimale oṁ śangkara oṁ pratyaṁ gira oṁ vajra uṣṇiṣa cakravarti sarva yantra mantra māla karma bandha naṁ tāḍa nāṁ kīlā nāṁ vāḥ mama kritaṁ yena kena citra kritanta sarva antu cchindha cchindha bhindha bhindha ciri ciri giri giri māra māra hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ hūṁ phaṭ phaṭ phaṭ mama rakṣaṁ kurvantu

Additionally, say a prayer orally about the desired.
In the last round write:

    oṁ  muni muni mahāmunaye svāhā
    ye dharmā...
    vairocana oṁ vajra akṣobhya hūṁ ratnasaṁbhava trāṁ padmadhara hrīḥ amoghasiddhi āḥ
    oṁ supratiṣ{ha vajrāya svāhā mama kāya vāka citta rakṣa kuruye svāhā

Taking a hand, say a prayer about what you want. All syllables should be drawn consistently without unnecessary lines and flaws.

    Make a drop from the head of the mantra. Starting from the outer corners in the northeast, the vajra treasury opens. The southeast is a jewel. Southwest - lotus. Northeast - the sword. And then everything is surrounded by fiery tongues of learning.