2 The heart of Tantra «the sole Golden syllable»

Great Perfection. Black quintessence
The heart of Tantra «a single Golden syllable»

    Praise be to the Blessed teacher of the three bodies, the Unchanging Light!
    Lord Orgyen was in a meditative dip in one of eight cemeteries, the great cemetery Shitawan. At this time, the first part of the night, there was glorious Samantabhadra. Appearing, he said:
    Son of a family [of noble]! If you want to be in the essential natural state, look at these verses about the Supreme reality!
    Said and put naturally occurring is a book written in the purest lapis lazuli.
    Such is the first, the chapter of the way arise.

    Then the Lotus from Uddiyana asked Samantabhadra:
    What is the tradition of this practice like? I beg to say to the believer son!
    Samantabhadra replied:
    This cycle of such practices rests in the mountains as a clean and secluded place. Therefore, by the four initiations, the maturation of the flow [of the mind] is realized through the teacher who has the characteristics. Further you should stick to the friends that are friends with teaching. Explore secluded places like this place.
    This is the second, the chapter of the description of the substance.

    Then the Lotus from Uddiyana asked Samantabhadra again:
    What are instructions such as these? I ask to show oral instructions on practice!
    Samantabhadra replied:
    Contemplation from this practice is a meditative balance in the essential natural state. The second - stage practice. [The first is] the only uncontaminated eye of primordal wisdom. The second is the withdrawal from the mind, which comprehends the dual manifestations. The third is the [contemplation] of impure and pure [manifestations], which are realized in a threefold way. The fourth is like a sieve for a large one. Fifth - should look like Rishi of a heart. Sixth - it is necessary to reverse the sources of occurrence. All this is the attainment of one's own state. Look with your eyes at the center of the skull as the divine Palace and at the top of the skull. Look like Rishis from the heart of peace.
    Such is the third, the chapter of the explanations of contemplation.

    Then the Lotus from Uddiyana asked Samantabhadra:
    What are consistent signs like in the completion of meditation and contemplation, such as these? Please clarify for the believing son!
    Samantabhadra replied:
    This is a consistent explanation of the signs. When there is a single eye of primordal wisdom, all the disturbances of the various manifestations of the mind are like smoke, like a Mirage. Such is the sign of the discovery of purity and karmic winds.
    The filling of the source of the level of awareness and the perfect purity of the manifestation of the ritual fiery objects, which are like tongues of flame, are like the fiery leaves of the Rakshasa, like clouds. This is the sign of cutting off obstacles.
    If in the analysis, when the aspects of the bodily form are manifested and everything disappears outside, this is a sign of approaching the awareness.
    If in the analysis, when the attributes and bodies appear, all disappears, it is a sign of free immersion in awareness.
    If in the analysis when the attributes of the bodily form are manifested, there is nothing that can be called a decoration, it is a sign of the lack of recognition of one's own nature in the form of mental constructions.
    If we analyze when peace is manifested, and everything is transformed in it, it is a sign of ignorance in relation to the natural state of the basis.
    When, like the aspects of the mountain, the body is absent and the head is decorated, it is a sign of the absence of maturity as the essence of manifestation.
    When there is nothing and nothing is not destroyed - it is a sign of the absence of cutting off the growth of the root of the thoughts.
    When there is no adornment by the acts of the body, it is a sign of the absence of separation and the presence of the experience of practice.

    Such is the fourth, the chapter of the signs.

    Lotus from Uddiyana asked:
    How is transformation and discarding through Teaching? Please explain to the faithful environment!
    Samantabhadra replied:
    Listen, Born in Uddiyana! By the transformation and rejection by the Teaching coming to the absence of peace in the base. In the absence of anger, there will be no attributes, no decorations. But if there is nothing there, then the method of destroying all that manifests itself is like dissolving in the ocean and hiding in the mountain through such extreme acts and rituals of elimination. There is no doubt about this change of light through like practice as a pure country.
    This is the fifth, the chapter of the explanation of various kinds of extremes and acts.

    Then the Lotus from Uddiyana asked Samantabhadra:
    Asking for clarification associated with the Treasury, the Supreme and absolute these instructions, the state having characteristics.
    Samantabhadra replied:
    [This doctrine] is hidden on the slope of the mountain, where the stupas are built. Black Tantra is like a turtle hidden in the rocks. it's connected to the Treasury inside. May there be a benevolent prayer for the son who has karma.
    The sixth, the chapter concludes of Tantra.

    Then was manifested the joy of all vidyadharas, Lotus from Oddiyana and the others. The great Dewa Chenpo praised everything that was said.
    Let this heart of Tantra, the key instructions, be met in the future by those who have the appropriate karma!
    Samaya. Secret seal. The seal body. Print speech. The imprint of the mind. Yeah will be good!

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